Wednesday, September 06, 2006

elementia submission committee

I've mentioned to each of you the committee we hope to create---yes?

creative ambassadors. right? :-)

everyone was interested. yes? :-)

Serving on this committee will entail meeting once or more this fall and evaluating the content that has been submitted to elementia. All work will be presented to you anonymously, thus you yourself may submit to the magazine. While we (Kelly, Eriko, Katie and myself) will facilitate the meetings and discussion we hope to give you the final say.

My long term vision has always been for this magazine to be determined, created, and edited by and for young adults...this committee will be a step in that direction.

Kelly determined that it would be best for us to create a new blog for this project and link it to the mural blog.

Her and I will fine tune that and keep you posted.

The first meeting date will be October 17th. There will be food...I promise :-).



Blogger Farah said...

food?? wht kinda food? hahahaha..
i'm kidding, i hope i can make it there .. ON TIME :D
by the way whn is the prog on sept 11th? n is it in the library??

6:33 PM  
Blogger angel said...

it starts at 7pm...
but you can come early...
we can meditate together...
I have to speak too...ahhhh

9:08 AM  

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