Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my view of 9/11th

well.. this is wht i wrote to Angel :D

Freedom is being able to live what your heart desires with happiness and peace..
If you ask me if Sept 11th, has effected me..
i would say it has, not only me.. but my family and muslims all over the world. And I could write a whole page of what had happened during that time.
Some people may not feel anything, but we felt that our freedom is vanishing slowly infront of our eyes.
I was still in an Islamic School during sept. 11th. It was supposed to be a normal school day, but it didn't.. at first there was this girl who started screaming of fear and talking about bombs and all, and parents were picking up their kids, and the school was quite empty and we had early dismissal . We went to our social studies room, and watched the news, i honestly thought that my teacher was showing us some kinda movie or something.. but it wasn't.. we were all frightened, scared, and some people even cried. By that time we all knew that our lives will not be the same like before, and we were right. Ever since that day, we could see a few police out side the school, and we also had a few days off because the school was being threatened by the "outsiders" . Teachers had to search for bombs before class begins.
Some Muslims females who covers up had to take off their scarf in order to keep their job, or to get a job.
When i walked where ever, i know that people would look at me, because of what i wear and i don't really care. But there were times when i saw people looking at my mother and i with full of hatred. I also remember when i was in a car, a guy passed us and showed me his middle finger to me and was saying bad things towards me.
We all know that the latest terrorist are calling them selves muslims, but not many knows that a true muslim wouldn't use violence to solve problems, we are not even allowed to kill bugs when they're not harming us, or to even cut a tree when we don't need to use it. But now days you will find alot of people who call them selves muslims, bt never practices islam. You are not a muslim if you jst pray , you have to live like a muslim in order to be one, cause islam is not just a religion, it's a way of life. Those terrorist may look like muslims, they may pray like a muslim too.. but killing them selves and killing the innocents is forbidden in Islam.
I can't really recall any major good things that had happened after sept 11th, only that my faith has gone stronger and i will do what ever to let people understand that all we want is peace, freedom and love among each other...
but i'm glad that now days, that some people are getting friendlier which is awsome, but i'm afraid that the war tht's going on right now may be a "world war 3" and everything will change again.. ;'(
so yeah.. every one has a diff. point of view after sept. 11th and that was my side of the story


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Your words are powerful. I'm glad you shared them with us. This is the kind of vision we need to have with our mural project. Thanks.


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